My Story

Hi, I’m Abby Broom. Yes, my last name is Broom, like the sweeping utensil. I am accustomed to saying that because all through my life people who learn my last name refuse to accept it. They come back with things like Brown, Bruhn, even after I spell it out for them. It is genuinely hilarious. Anyway, as a young girl I started my life in Moody, AL and by third grade, I moved to Birmingham, AL and spent my time until college there. I come from a big family with a total of six brothers and sisters. I have the most amazing parents who have always supported me unconditionally and who motivate me in their own ways to be the person I am today. I currently have a one-year-old puppy named Otto who is a wild child. I also have a wonderful boyfriend, Gary, who is one of my biggest fans!

Growing up, I was always an observant yet distracted child at the same time. I focused on the things that stole my attention and would report the details back to my parents. We always thought I would be a reporter or a journalist of some sort, but when I got to college I discovered public relations and how it was so much more me. I am a social butterfly. I love constant human interaction because I think that every person is so unique and fascinating. I love meeting new people and getting to know people who are different from me. I think that learning diversity is so important in this world.

I consider myself a free and adventurous spirit who thrives on the simple things in life. I feel a magical feeling when the weather is awesome outside or when I hear a favorite song. In fact, my favorite things to do in this world are listening to music and traveling. I am a true believer that music soothes the soul and that travel provides perspective. I am a major foodie, especially when it comes to pasta. I believe that there are a million and one reasons to smile, and that is what makes me thrive.

Ready for an adventurous new chapter, I am moving to St. Petersburg, FL shortly after graduation. I plan to begin my career at Wonderment Creative House, which is an awesome creative agency in the heart of downtown St. Pete. They are doing big things and producing amazing work, which gets me excited. I cannot wait to join their team, to learn, and to grow from them as a new professional.